Kobe Bryant Attends Marketing Class: Student Reactions

kobe marketing class

Last week, during a Lakers road trip to Boston, injured superstar Kobe Bryant surprised scores of Boston College students when he unexpectedly arrived on campus to audit classes in the school’s Marketing Department.

Kobe, a lifelong learner who has long expressed curiosity at the collegiate experience, told students that marketing is of especial personal interest to him, and that he continues to seek education on the topic.

Shocked to have one of the world’s biggest celebrities suddenly appear in their classroom, students took to Twitter to provide a real-time chronicle of the event. Below are a sample of Tweets from BC students during Kobe’s visit.


Whoa! Kobe just rolled into my Marketing class. Asking tons of Qs! Won’t stop asking how to market an individual if that individual has a naturally weird personality! #surreal – (@DonnyDeeRange)

Ummm nbd Kobe Bryant (!!!) sitting in front of me in Mark. class right now! Every time someone else tries to ask a question he just screams DIDN’T I JUST SAY I GOT THIS! LMFAO! #Kobe!!! – (@UrFriendLiz)

Thought I couldn’t love Prof. Ferg’s Int. Mark class more and then Kobe shows up out of nowhere! Seems very interested in “why are some people likeable and others always seem like they’re fake smiling….?” So kewl!! – (@PeteSpeaks)

Of course, I skip class to chill and play NBA2K14 on the 1 day that Ferguson’s lame class would be legit. #SMH #weedlife – (@DankNugz420420)

My parents told me I should have gone to Georgetown. Well, Mom, does Georgetown have Kobe Bryant saying, “Give it to me straight professor, was my rap album a bad idea for my image?” right now? Didn’t think so! #GoEagles – (@AshWest334)

KOBE sitting in my Int Marketing class! AHHH! He made us watch LeBron commercials and then threw erasers at anyone who liked them! #Intangibles #Will2Win ­- (@ConManSully92)

Umm hi kobe is in my classroom testing out monologue jokes in case he ever gets asked to host snl the jokes are TERRIBLE but i’m in heaven ok BYE!!!! – (@sarebeargibson)


No word from Bryant as to whether he’ll be making a return visit to campus.

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