Knicks Fan Awareness Campaign

Knicks Fan Awareness Campaign


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A call to love – that’s what this is.

I’m broken for Knicks fans.  I see their hopeless eyes on the street and can’t help but question humanity.  Strangers roll their eyes as they pass by – without giving a second thought.  They say, “Oh.  Stupid Knicks fans.  They get all this publicity for being a sucky team.”

This is the wrong attitude to have, friends.  We should be banning together to support our brethren who  support the Knicks.  Think for a second what it would be like to love a team that did not love you back… and you couldn’t escape.

So before you hate, have a seat and consider the following…

knicks fan sad


knicks d



Knicks Fan 2





Knicks fan 1

So please – dig deep within your heart and support a Knicks fan.  Send them a letter to let them know you’re thinking about them.  Give them a hug as you pass them in the street.  Anything will help.


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