Klay Thompson is DVR-ing the Office Finale

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is excited.

His team is tied with the Spurs, he’s playing well, and he just set up his DVR so he can record the series finale of “The Office” this Thursday on NBC. Thompson has to play in Game 5 in San Antonio the same time as the finale.

“I love ‘The Office!” said Thomson.

Thompson is an Office superfan.  He said, “We all can relate! We all know a Dwight, or a Kevin, or a Meredith!  I started watching the show when I was 14 and now, nine years later, I feel like I grew up with these people. It’s the end of an era!”

“One time I put Andris’ shoes in jello, he was so mad!” said Thompson, who has been known to play pranks on Andris Biedrins ala Jim on Dwight.

“I think we are all Jims just looking for a Pam,” Thompson said.   He goes on to say that the show calms him after tough games.

He plans to go on media blackout during the game until he gets back to Oakland. Thompson says, “No twitter, no facebook, no spoilers. I need to focus on my game. We can beat the Spurs, but it’s going to be really hard- oooh that’s what she said!”

Klay Thompson is averaging 16.8 points a game on 46% shooting during the playoffs.


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