Kings – Lakers Box Score Recap

DeMarcus Cousins, Pau Gasol

box score


  • Not to speculate on the afterlife here, but if Dr. Jerry Buss is indeed looking down on this game, does anything say, “my work was for nothing” more acutely than the Lakers starting Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Wesley Johnson and Jordan Hill 10 months after he died?

  • I like to imagine which of Nick Young’s 11 shots was truly the most terrible. In my mind, it was a 30-foot, pull-up, transition 3 that he took while making direct and prolonged eye contact with Cameron Diaz in the second row.

  • I said that, for the Kings, every member of the Lakers logging a positive +/- was the picture of abject failure. I was lying. The Lakers achieving this feat while the Kings willfully DNP’d their highest paid player – Marcus Thornton – was abject failure’s true measure.

  • I really, truly don’t understand how Ben McLemore could plausibly log a +6 in 26 minutes if every other member of the team (minus Hamday Ndiaye) logged between a -1 and -11 and the team lost by 14? Did they just start punting balls into the stands every time he left the floor? Seriously, mathematically, how is this possible?

As it turns out I was barely kidding about Jimmer’s rebounding. While three boards is not his career best (he has exceeded that number 3 times in 2+ years in the league, pulling down 5 once and 4 twice), he has grabbed 150 TOTAL career rebounds. That’s roughly one Kevin Love road trip.

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