Kevin Love’s Netflix Recommendations

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The queue not only offered possibilities but made suggestions. Kevin Love browsed all of them, weighing the popularity of network shows versus the prestige of more exclusive channels.

Should he switch over to HBO GO and have his emotions, specifically that feeling of hope, abused by Game of Thrones? Was every character and plot twist really that useless? He was only a season in, with season two only a click away, but how could they do that to Ned? Joffrey—oh King Joffrey—was definitely the worst!

Should he watch Scandal and not think about it? Could a person really be reborn in fire? Ouch! He felt the burn of his rotator cuff.

He scrolled and he scrolled. What the hell is Dead Wood? Huh? A Western. Did he like Westerns? How far West did he wish to go? He found himself reminiscing on The OC. That show was hella-good, he said. But then he was hella-sad.

Is Two and a Half Men still on the air? He wanted to make a joke about Kyrie or Delly, but he couldn’t quite get it to work.

What is John from Cincinnati? He did not understand some of these Netflix recommendations. He felt stuck in limbo, besieged by randomness. He read the description about a Midwesterner learning to surf. It all seemed very confusing, so he scrolled and scrolled some more. He would waste all day in the queue if he had to.

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