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We asked Kenyon Martin to listen to “Step” by Vampire Weekend and write down his thoughts. His words are below.*

Yo, from the tip this reminds me of James Harden.

On the low, and, really, I tried to keep this on the low low, I used to be with Trina. She’s a rapper. Was so into it I got a tattoo of her lips on my neck awhile ago. So I could remind myself of her whenever I wanted to, nahmean? I loved her. That’s what you do when you love someone. You get tattoos of their body parts in places where everyone can see. Whatever. It’s over now. I’m not trying to get into the particulars. Partly because that’s between me and her, but mostly because I’m supposed to keep this stuff PG-13 on here and that’s not possible when telling that story. It ended, that’s what you need to know. It ended and I turned the lips into a crown. I don’t think anyone can tell the difference.

I say this song reminds me of Harden for multiple reasons.

First, this.

Every Time
I See You
In The World
You Always
Step To
My Girl

Harden was with Trina for a minute last year. My Trina. Bout tore me up. He’s not with her anymore. Dumped her for some thick, video model chick back in early March. But, nevertheless, dude stepped to her. We wasn’t together anymore, so I get that he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s a respect thing.

Next, this.

And Punks Who
Would Laugh
When They Saw
Us Together

Never understood why people would laugh at people in a committed relationship. She meant something to me. So much so that, as I said previously, I got a freaking tattoo of her lips on my neck. Whatever. I always said let them laugh. They want to get tough I’ll crack skulls, but as long as it’s just laughter, I’ll ride with it. We were together. That’s all I needed.

Then, this.

The Gloves
Are Off The
Wisdom Teeth
Are Out

I mean, anytime teeth are referenced you kinda gotta think about Harden, don’t you? Because, you know, his teeth are a disaster. No judgement. Sometimes braces aren’t an option. But it’s a real thing. He’s got that bear trap mug. Then, with the gloves being off…well…alright, I guess I’ll tell you.

I tried to fight James Harden in the bathroom of a night club once.

I went to Oklahoma City on an off day during last years’ playoffs. I got on a standby Southwest flight out of LAX. The red eye. Well, kind of. Straight shot to OKC. I sat by an elderly lady named Phyllis on the plane. She was reading People and she shared her Brussels with me. She told me to smile more.

It was a Thursday night. I’d heard them boys from Oklahoma stay trying to vamp at Skky Bar in downtown Oklahoma City on Thursday nights so I took a cab from Will Rogers World Airport to Skky Bar and went looking for him.

I was mad at the time. That’s why I went. I’d had to deal with pictures of them going up on WorldStar and my boys were calling me trying to get at me about how I should’ve grown my beard out and this and that. Said I should dress nicer and wear Skullcandy headphones and abandon the headband. Really got me worked up.

I searched throughout Skky Bar. In and out of velvet ropes. I’d had several too many vodka lemonades when I stumbled into the bathroom to relieve myself. As I got done at the urinal, I see the door to the stall on the far right open up. It’s Harden. He’s wearing a white t-shirt with a bejeweled golden tiger’s face on it, some forest green Levi’s that ain’t supposed to fit that tight, and a pair of red Tom’s with his face airbrushed onto them. He saw me and his eyes went wide and his face bout turned white and he tried to rush back into the stall. I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him into the middle of the restroom. My fist was clenched and I was about to make it pour when Cole Aldrich came through the door. The door swung open, hit me in the side of the head, and knocked me to the ground. Harden got up screaming and ran out of the restroom.

By the time I came to he was gone.

I text Trina but she didn’t respond. I wound up taking a cab back out to Will Rogers to wait on my flight out the next morning. I sat in the food court area by the Sonic. There was a nice man there reading the paper. He told me he liked me when I was on the Nets. Not sure how to take that. The next night I get a call from Trina. Said she’d been out of the country and couldn’t see the text I’d sent. She’d heard I’d been in town and wanted to know if that was true. I told her I had and it was. She said she wished she’d have been around so she could’ve seen me. They play till the end. Anyways, I’ve said enough. This song is good. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

I’ll end with this.

Maybe She’s
Gone And I
Resurrect Her
The Truth Is
She Doesn’t
Need Me To
Protect Her.

Took me till now, but I finally realized that. Thanks, Ezra.

What you on about,



*These are not Kenyon Martin’s words.

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