Kawhi Leonard Gives Matt Bonner His Phone

Kawhi Game

The crimson brick of the river walk was lit up by a string of white lights pearling down against the wall and Kawhi Leonard had a cell phone in his hand that wasn’t his. His eyes panned the space before him and his face had fallen to its neutral state: something resembling sad.

From up ahead the twangs of a mariachi band filled his ears and he remembered how much he loved the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider” when he was a child. They would play it to the children outside a since closed Mexican restaurant named Abuelita Bonita in Riverside when he was a kid. This band was playing something else, though. Some instrumental standard. They had a proper trumpet playing and Riverside wasn’t filled with those.

Behind him he heard some commotion and when he turned he saw someone get thrown into the river. A couple chairs followed him and there were people screaming. One guy, a white man with very fixed red hair and a very turquoise shirt, wasn’t phased by any of this. He stood on a table with an al pastor taco in his hand and his pants were off, revealing to the world a pair of boxer shorts that looked like a Stiegl can. It was Matt Bonner.

Leonard looked on as the scene unfolded. Some people joined in and jumped into the river. Others fought on the river walk itself, bits of brick and concrete getting blood spilled upon them. They didn’t know why they were fighting, only that it seemed like they should be.

As Leonard approached the fight began to escalate. Bonner took his shirt off to reveal a tattoo across his chest, a red gator. Bonner reached into his underwear and pulled from it a cigarette and a lighter. He lit up, took two puffs, then put the cigarette out on the face of a man in a Titleist hat. Then he threw a table into the river. He was the one who kept this going. He was the straw.

The vista in front of Leonard unfolded like a nightmare and there was no kick coming, no safety. No matter, he did not care. The twinkling and seizing lights of San Antonio PD came flush on his face. He got to Bonner.

Matt, he said. Matt.

Bonner took a break from plunging his face into a bowl of queso and looked up at Leonard.


Yea. I brought your phone.

Leonard handed him the phone he’d been carrying and Bonner took it. Bonner looked up and around him and back to Leonard. Bonner was smiling and holding a steak knife, guacamole dripping to the brick below.

It’s madness, isn’t it? It’s lovely madness.

Then he jumped into the water 

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