Josh McRoberts: A Q&A


Q: Are you happy to be back in North Carolina?

Josh: I played part of last season here, too. I don’t think anyone noticed. But yeah. My whole life has changed since I returned to North Carolina, I mean Duke, no North Carolina because Duke’s not a state, it’s just a little gated community with a lot of powerful people.

Q: What’s the best thing that’s happened?

Josh: My hair started growing more, and people thought I was the third or fourth Avett Brother, I’m not sure how many there are really.

Q: Why didn’t you cut your hair and keep your classic “douche-bag” Duke look?

First of all, anyone who plays at Duke has to have that haircut. Right when you walk in the locker room they put this Flowbee on your head…

Q: The hair-cutting vacuum? I didn’t think they made those anymore!

Josh: Coach K just loves them. Duke is the first school to have a combined engineering and barbershop department. They’ve done tons of research to make his hair look the same way for 30 years.

Q: What else have you learned? It must be great to get to play more…

Josh: Yes, it’s been awesome to play more disc golf. I never played it when I lived at Duke, but these really great, but misunderstood guys from UNC-Charlotte helped me out. They gave me a few beers. They were smoking from this thing called a “joint” but I was like “What?” They were like “for real, it’ll chill you out.” 
The only thing like this at Duke was something called “Adderall” but it hyped us up you know got us ready for Coach K practices, it was all-business all the time, but now you know with the Bobcats it’s totally chill. No one seems to care about anything except when Mr. Jordan stomps down and throws a tantrum, but then we just sit down in the middle of the court let him win a few hands at poker. But then I just visit my new friends and everything feels better. If only Coach K knew about this stuff, he’d be a lot calmer!

Q: You have to let Michael Jordan win?

Josh: It’s just the price of doing business as a Bobcat or Hornet or Dirt Dauber, whatever.

Q: Wow. Seems like you’ve had some great experiences.

Josh: It’s been great, really. Everything is just calmer…I like to drive just past Gastonia and really experience nature. I just pump up the O.A.R. and my problems just burn away like a cigarette butt tossed in the mountain grasses.

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