Jimmer Fredette Just Wants To Dance

jimmer dance

jimmer dance


The walls of Jericho just came down with the sounding of the trumpets. You know why they did? Because of the 4:05 minute mark of this.

That’s Sacramento KING Jimmer Fredette dancing at his wedding rehearsal. And I know. Ok? I do. I get it. You’re so excited and nothing else can top that and those seconds spent watching that video were the greatest of your life and now you don’t know what to do because what is life if it is all downhill from here and everything you experience from now on pales in comparison to what you just viewed and oh no now we’re all depressed because our destiny has been fulfilled.

Lemme just say, you’re good. You know why you’re good? Because I want you to scroll back up and watch the  11:15 minute mark. It’s cool. I’ll wait while you do that.


I told you. Heaven came down and glory fills your soul. Clean the bits of your exploded mind off your computer screen. Teach us how to Dougie, Jimmer. Teach us well.

What do you mean the Fredettes know how to throw a wedding so much that you can’t deal with it? Look at this. Inhale this. Get drunk on it. He almost looks reluctant for the first little bit. Right up until a smile starts to make an appearance.

Lets hope his brother had to coax him onto the dance floor.

TJ Fredette: You’re gonna need to dance once we’re in there.

Jimmer: I told you, I don’t do that anymore.

TJ: You owe it to Whitney.

Jimmer: Fine. But after this, I’m done. I dance here, then I dance at the wedding. After that, no more. I’m nobody’s puppet.


Just take note, rest of the league, because this is how you have fun. You’re marrying a nice, blonde cheerleader, you allow yourself some moving and shaking. He needs to star in a Fox spinoff called So I Know I Can Dance.

The world is a good place and I know that because this video is real.

Thanks to the guy’s at cowbellkingdom.com for discovering this excruciatingly important piece of American culture and credit goes to Big Lead Sports for that incredible still shot showing us that lips can dance too.

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