Jeff Hornacek, His Son, & Action Bronson




Southern California. October. 2012.

Jeff Hornacek, 14 year NBA veteran and 1992 All-Star, has a son. His son, Tyler Hornacek, is a Redshirt Junior Setter for the University of Southern California Men’s Volleyball Team. His sons’ teammates are getting into rap music. More specifically, they’re getting into Action Bronson, a bearded lyricist that hails from New York City with an affinity for food and a substance that movies tell me makes you want lots of food. One  friend of Tyler’s recently had Tyler listen to the song Meteor Hammer by Ghostface Killah, featuring the previously mentioned Bronson and Termanology. In the song, Bronson mentions Tyler’s father, Jeff.

The exact lyric reads: Old shooters in the corner like Hornacek.

The entire song is below. Please note that if you have never heard a curse word before, you will hear several in this song.

Tyler loved it. He thought his dad would love it. He sent his father an email with the YouTube link requesting he listen to it. The following is his father’s response*.



I think you made a mistake. The link you provided sent me to a God awful rap song. Not anything like you know I listen to (Barenaked Ladies, The Goo Goo Dolls, DMB, early Pearl Jam, etc.). It reminded me of the grossness that Antoine Carr used to try to get me and your Godfather John to listen to in the locker room while I played in Utah. LMBO. Please provide me with the correct link and I’d be happy to listen to whatever you meant to send.

On the off chance you intended to send this song, I do have a few questions.

First, what on earth is this? Is this a joke? Have you been taking classes at UCB West or iO West or The Groundlings or something? If so, get your money back. Stick to Business Admin.

You seriously thought I would like this garbage because it has my name in it? I’ve got a mind to sue this Bronson gentleman and all parties concerned. I need to check with our lawyer, but I’m fairly certain it’s slander for them to include my name in the midst of such filth. Freedom of Speech be darned.

Tyler, I’m concerned for you. I expect you to stop listening to this at once. Whatever happened to the Third Eye Blind we used to listen to together when you were growing up? Please. Step back from this ledge, son. Cut ties with these lies. I DO NOT understand.

What happened to my sweet boy? The boy I used to touch my face for before I shot a free throw.

Call your mother. She worries.

I still love you.



* This is not his father’s response.

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