Jax and Bonner and Coldplay (Responses)


A couple of days ago, Mr. Tyler Parker wrote a fictional story about the unlikely bond that was formed between Stephen Jackson and Matt Bonner while attending a Coldplay concert.

We got a lot of feedback that we’ve decided to share with you all.

Here is the original article, if you need to catch up.


These are real and unedited responses from readers who will remain anonymous.


General Comments:

“Who actually thinks this type of fantasy scenario up and decides to write it down and publish it to the world?  People are weird.”

“Even Steven “Who wants to throw?!??!!” Jackson has a softer side.”

“The whole article sounds like Brokeback Mountain 2.”

“wtf lol this reads like bad fan fiction”

“I can’t tell if this is real or some girl’s weird Matt Bonner/Stephen Jackson fanfic.”


“And this is why Stephen Jackson is one of my favorite basketball players.”

“Matt Bonner took Stephen Jackson to a Coldplay concert and apparently Stephen Jackson cried cause he was so emotional…”    (No Link – Just stated as fact)

“this stephen jackson & matt bonner concert story is too damn real to be true.”

“Whoever wrote the FAKE article I just read about Matt Bonner & Stephen Jackson going to a Coldplay concert together is weird as hell”

Suggestions/Fact Checking:

“In the film version, Stephen Jackson will be played by Tracey Morgan.”

“I don’t think Bonner has a truck. The few times i’ve seen him he’s always been in this tiny piece of junk.”

Comments on Coldplay:

“Coldplay makes me cry, too.”

“Their concert was awesome.”

“the funny part was “this isnt anything like radiohead” when coldplay has made a career out of being a crappy radiohead ripoff”

“coldplay is a great group..i always been into hip hop and rap and never really gave **** like this a chance..but listening to cold play and jay-z mixtape they made viva la hova..made me respect the hell outta coldply…i like they ****..its rreally chill..but lol this does sound gay as hell and i cant picture stephen jackson black ugly ass cryin to coldplay…haha but everybody should listen to the viva la hova jay-z and coldplay mixtape..u wont regret it.”


“What in the world did I just read…”

“…what did I just read?”

“What did I just read?”


Confusion X2 (We need “this isn’t real” disclaimers)

“To quote a friend: “who writes fan fiction about Coldplay and the San Antonio Spurs?!?”

There are way too many sentimental white guys like myself trolling the internet for these kinds of stories. To find out this is completely made up ruined my day. I’ve already sent it to 10 people assuming it was real and now you made me look like an idiot.

I never post on user comments, but this was too much.

Keep these stories to yourself because I can’t think of any kind of person seeking hoops/indie rock/fantasy literature.”

Just Plain Awesome:

“great read indeed. im pretty high. thought it was real throughout. i aint even mad.”


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