JaVale McGee & Celebrating: The Lit Future


JaVale McGee is a painter and a sculptor and a craftsman and a prophet and his celebrations work in us and through us and reveal to us the secrets of the universe. They are the great known, bringing with them love, compassion, and acceptance. They are why the caged bird is no longer caged. It is free and it is free forever. There is no oppression. Not here. Only joy. Well, there’s mustache tattoos on pointer fingers, too, but other than that there is only joy. You get what I’m saying.

In the East, when morning comes to meet you, look to it and try to find its eyes. There you will see JaVale, staring through you and into you all at once, giving you strength, placing in you the courage it takes to conquer your world and all others. He is in you, as he is in us all.

With him he brings the milk and the honey and a full marching band playing the chorus to Kokomo because when we watch him celebrate we are on vacation. We remove ourselves and we get money and we fly to the moon. Up there we rest until he arrives on a shooting star. He helps us to our feet and then helps us leave the ground. We leap with him because we see and know we should.

So go up into the sky until the light side of the moon greets you. He will be there, smiling, waiting, hoping that you brought with you your smile and your sweet spirit. Take with you your happy thoughts and unleash them upon the outermost parts of space as you are sure to have them returned to you tenfold. Because this is what JaVale does. He gives. He gives us happiness in hopes that we would give it to someone else.

Hark, he rides into that which has not yet begun and he sings the song of the future, the one our grandchildren’s grandchildren sing with their cyborg hands over their shimmering, metallic hearts. The one that finds ears in a world where the lights are off, but we want them on.

And if I get the number, you know I can’t wait to dial it
And if we get together, girl, you know we gon be wylin’
And when we get together we make magic and it’s ours
Whenever you up here ain’t nothin’ nobody can do about it

JaVale brings us something we cannot live without: the light.


*Thanks to SBNation for the first Gif.

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