Jalen Rose Played For Michigan



Jalen Rose would like you to know he played college basketball for the University of Michigan Wolverines. Jalen Rose’s first name is Jalen and his last name is Rose. Grass is green.

Jalen grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He would very much like you to know that he played at Michigan. Like, more than anything in the world. He was a point guard there. He played there with this group called The Fab 5. They called them that because there were five of them that all came in as freshmen together and they were all good and wound up starting together and winning lots of games and stuff.

There was a documentary about them that came out recently that Jalen produced. It was also called The Fab 5. It was named after them because The Fab 5 was their nickname. Anyways, Jalen played for Michigan from 1991-1994. He really liked it there but then he was upset with them because they vacated some of the wins he was a part of because a dude on his team who we’ll talk about soon took some money from this old white guy.

Jalen and all his Fab 5 buddies were at the game National Championship game Monday night and they were all chilling and just watching it and stuff.

Jalen was wearing this hat that looked like a wolverine. When Michigan lost, he was super sad. Because, you know, he played there.

When he was there they played in the National Championship game twice. They lost both of them, though. One was to UNLV. One was to North Carolina. In the one against North Carolina, one of his buddies that was also a member of The Fab 5 named Chris Webber  (the dude that took money from that old white guy) accidentally called a timeout that Michigan didn’t have. When this happened, the officials called a technical foul on Webber. Because of this, Michigan lost the game, just like they lost the game on Monday night.

We’re really just trying to do Jalen a favor because he’s a private guy and doesn’t talk, or want to talk, a lot about it. Rarely does he wear Michigan gear or openly root for them or produce movies about them so it would be easy for someone to not know that he played there.

Again, Jalen Rose played for Michigan. Oh, and Jalen Rose played college basketball for Michigan and, from the years of 1991-1994 he was on the men’s college basketball at the University of Michigan. He was a member of The Fab 5.

Also, the sky is blue.

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