Jack Bauer and the San Antonio Spurs

Spurs Bauer

America – a nation with its guard up.  Like a teenage girl whose heart has just been shattered by her six week long boyfriend, we have a strong wall built around our hearts made of leather and freedom.  Try to penetrate it and you might find yourself on the other end of red, white and cold shoulder.  It’s a nation where even the most reliable cannot gain our trust.

Nothing is more evident of this than the FOX’s  24 and the San Antonio Spurs.

As I was watching 24 late last night, I found myself screaming at the television over and over again, “What’s wrong with you, America? Just trust Jack already!”

And that’s when it hit me. I am America and Jack Bauer is the Spurs.

It’s the same old story. Both dismissed at the start of each season. Both eventually come through in the end. Both will eventually be dismissed the following season.  Let’s dig a little deeper.



Jack Bauer and the Spurs Players

24 4

When Jack heads into a mission to either kill terrorists or save innocent lives, he usually has a solid plan to get in and get out safely. If the plan falls apart, Jack’s resources kick – bailing him out of trouble – causing him to succeed anyway. It happened again this season when Jack tried to gain access to the U.S. embassy in London. He had clearance – was double crossed by some dude in a scarf who hates justice/freedom and wound up getting into the embassy anyway through causing a riot by shooting strangers in the legs. Mission complete!

If you saw that scene and didn’t immediately think of the Spurs offense, then something’s wrong with you. Not me -You!  Most of the time the Spurs will run a successful offensive set. When things break down though, don’t panic because this is San Antonio at its finest. Whether it’s a broken play saved by a cut, pass or stuuuuupid shot by Manu, the Spurs will succeed.


Chloe O’Brian and Gregg Popovich

24 3

Jack remains strategically one step ahead of his enemies  largely due to the work of Chloe O’Brian. She is Jack’s eyes and ears – providing tactical intel – allowing Jack to successfully see out his mission. Chloe navigates Jack in and out of buildings with high security clearance by hacking into security infrastructures and BREAKING FIREWALLS (am I saying that right?). If there’s an enemy camera, telephone, or just two people whispering to one another, Chloe is on top of it like Kawhi on anyone.


Coach Pop gives his team every basketball resource available, allowing them to execute on the floor with precision and excellence. His scheming and strategy is the fuel that has been driving this Spurs wagon for years. Without Coach Pop, you don’t have the Spurs. Period.

Plus, Chloe and Pop always look pissed.


Sexy New Teams and Sexy New Agents

24 2

Who are these young guns thinking keep up with Jack and why does the American government continue to bank on these people? In every season (no seriously, every season) there is an up-and-coming agent (normally blonde) who has to, at some point, try to “get Jack.”  As if, “getting Jack” is just like, a thing you can do. Still, the head of C.T.U., C.I.A. and every other three letter organization out there relies heavily on this guy or gal to track Jack down and bring him to justice.

As if we have room to talk though. We see a newer, sexier team approach and all of the sudden “Watch out for them!” I’m as guilty as anyone at proclaiming that the Spurs can’t keep up with “Young Team X” because of age, athleticism, etc… In the end, the Spurs and Jack usually have these young guns running around confused, only to end up safely passed out in a janitor’s closet or empty stairwell.


The American Government and Us

24 1

When will we learn our lesson?  It’s like we fall in and out of coma every year, completely forgetting about the reliability of Jack Bauer and the San Antonio Spurs.  Have we ever seen anything as reliable as Jack and the Spurs? Yet, we constantly doubt them, making excuses based off of false narrative for why these two have “lost it.”  It’s the same old story every season on 24, and sadly… every season in the NBA.  We doubt the Spurs. We gravitate towards cooler teams, ignoring the thing that rarely ever lets us down. We realize the Spurs are still reliable and we should have trusted that all along. Rinse and repeat.  America needs to wake up. We need to wake up.

So there you have it. The Spurs are still coming through. The newbies still have no shot. The coach is still the eyes and ears. And we are still absolutely stupid for not counting on San Antonio… again.

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