J.R. Smith – Unsportsmanlike or Man of the People?

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

This weekend, in the midst of all the Madness that March had to offer, we had ourselves a little blowout given to the Toronto Raptors via the New York Knicks.

It was such a blowout that with less than 24 seconds left in the game, Toronto just let the Knicks walk the clock out.

The score was 108-84.  J.R. Smith was the man responsible for respectfully dribbling the ball in place until the clock runs out.  Keep in mind that “respectfully” is not how J.R. Smith rolls.

With about 1 second left in the game, J.R. throws up a little “screw you” layup with nobody on him, making the final score 110-84.

See below:


Unsportsmanlike?  Inappropriate?  Let’s tap the brakes a little bit.

Apparently, the OVER/UNDER on this game for combined points was set at 193 pts.  The score before the “screw you” layup?


(For those who don’t know a ton about gambling- Vegas throws out a number and people bet on whether the final combined scores of both teams will be over that number or under.  In this case 192 was the number)

That’s right, with that layup the over was hit with a final combined score of 194!

Even better… 61.5% of the gambling public had the over.

So the question that we lay before you is, was J.R. Smith being a terribly inappropriate competitor or was he sacrificing looking bad for the better of humanity?  That’s the question we all must answer…

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* Note – Lines and totals vary all over the web.  Our source as well as @TheKnicksWall (which you should check out)

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