Is JaKarr Sampson A Winner?


In the Association for nine total games, JaKarr Sampson has yet to win an NBA game. This isn’t the typical 0-9 Sampson will shoot time to time; no, this 0-9 is foreboding for the future of the proud Philadelphia 76ers.

Sampson was undrafted like NBA legends Udonis Haslem, Jeremy Lin, Ben Wallace and Bruce Bowen, so it’s safe to say Sam Hinkie’s rebuilding plan revolves around Sampson’s development and winability, and if there’s any one player Hinkie wants to lead his team, it’s a player who graciously hoisted the nickname of “Spongebob Sampson.”

This all-important winability, truth be told, has yet to unsheath itself, so we have to delve into JaKarr Sampson’s history in an attempt to reveal the clandestine. As part of a storied history of something, Sampson rode the coattails of teammates such as Semaj Christon, T.J. Warren and Mitch MCGary led his high school team to a prep national championship his senior year, but he failed to carry it over to St. John’s. In two years of college ball, the Red Storm lost in the second and first rounds of the NIT, respectfully, in his only two seasons there, all while playing with college basketball icons Sir’Dominic Pointer and God’sgift Achiuwa. In those two years, the most impressive wins Sampson was apart of were victories over that Florida Gulf Coast team and over a Dougie McBuckets-led Creighton squad. It was, however, reported that St. John’s’s head coach Steve Lavin pushed Sampson to the draft because he was having on-court issues with Henry Sims and Tony Wroten, two players who were coincidentally already building blocks for the 76ers future.

By now, we’re two years into the Sam Hinkie experiment of seeing how a congregation of young men react to the psychological repercussions of perpetual failure, but this experiment will be nigh when Hinkie rounds up enough “winners,” something we’re not sure Sampson is just yet. He needs to proves himself otherwise, but as of now, it remains a mystery to be seen if JaKarr Sampson truly is the “winner” Sam Hinkie was hoping for, but we’ve got 74 more 76ers games to see if Sampson has what it takes, and each of these games are going to be must-see television.

Godspeed, JaKarr.

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