Inside the Players Locker Room with Chris Bosh

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Jimmy Lipton, not to be confused with James Lipton, sits down with Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat for a very special edition of Inside the Players Locker Room.


Jimmy Lipton: Chris, may I call you Christopher? You got your start at a little school in Atlanta known as Georgia Tech. When I think of Atlanta, I think of Gone With the Wind. What was that like?

Chris Christopher Bosh: The movie or the city? I never saw the movie. I’m not into prequels. I always preferred Scarlett to its prequel. Then again, both are racist. But, yeah, I spent a year in Atlanta.

JL: If you had to choose your spirit animal, would it be a flying insect with a stinger, a prehistoric dinosaur, or a temperature?

CB: I’m not sure I understand the question.

JL: Sounds heated.

CB: Sure.

JL: Who’s your favorite President?

CB: Hm. I don’t know. There have been so many.

JL: Forty-three.

CB: I always liked John Adams because he was the first to go from VP to number one. I also liked Henry Clay and Bobby Kennedy. Al Gore was cool too.

JL: I think only one of those men was actually a President.

CB: It’s my list, James.

JL: It’s Jimmy.

CB: Jim.

JL: Do you have a favorite Beatle? Or, should I say Heatle?

CB: George’s solo career looms rather large in my imagination.

JL: Nirvana or the Foo Fighters?

CB: Foo Fighters. When Dave Grohl does anything, I think there’s a man to model myself after—

JL: There goes your hero?

CB: There goes my hero.

JL: Favorite Ninja Turtle?

CB: Donatello or Raphael.

JL: Not Leonardo?

CB: Never Leonardo. . . Sometimes Splinter.

JL: He’s a rat.

CB: Exactly.

JL: Favorite Pixar film?

CB: Ratatouille, James. What else? Oh, and that dog with the spring from Toy Story, but not the movie, just the dog.

JL: What about Rex?

CB: Who’s Rex?

JL: Tyrannosaurus, I believe.

CB: Come on, James.

JL: It’s Jimmy. Why this fascination on insisting otherwise?

CB: When I get to Heaven, I want to hear God say, “Welcome, Chris, and, yes, he’s taken his talents much farther south.”

JL: I haven’t asked you that yet.

CB: I’m jumping ahead.

JL: I’m sensing anger. Is that important to you?

CB: (Just stares.)

JL: Freud or Jung?

CB: What do you think?


Photo credit: Jennifer Pottheiser/Getty

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