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Indie Cover

I have a buddy who is all about artsy/indie things.  He also loves basketball.  I told him he can share his thoughts with us.  Hold on to your butts…

My name is Victor Zac Michael and I love the NBA with my eyes wide open.  I loved it before there was ever even a net… now nets are everywhere.   Sellouts.  I also miss my girl who tore my heart and eurostepped all over it.

Today I’m going to show you what I submit to be next year’s Christmas Day jerseys.  This year’s jersey’s were like nasty.  Matching colors?   Out with the mainstream and in with the individuality.

Miami Heat

Indie NBA

The Miami Heat – Underground Tree Jersey

Even though the Championship is nothing but a popularity contest – the Heat still deserve a sick jersey.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Indie Thunder Jersey

Oklahoma City Thunder – Flashing Lights Jersey

That’s my ex-girlfriend on this jersey.  She’s so gross  – it’s hot.

Chicago Bulls

Indie NBA Bulls

Chicago Bulls Flannel Jersey

Some say that flannel is too hot to play in – but I always exercise in flannel.  It’s about what you look like – not how you feel.

Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Indie

Los Angeles Lakers Nature Jersey

Forget stereotypes, man.   Somebody tell L.A. that glamour is out and natural selection is in.

New York Knicks

Indie NBA Knicks

New York Knicks Power Lines Jersey

I wrote a song to my girl that went – “My head is in the sky, my soul is in the power line.”  That’s the inspiration here.

Brooklyn Nets

Indie NBA Nets

Brooklyn Nets Bleeding Heart Jersey

She thinks she had no effect on me.  Hey Jay!  I’ve got 99 problems and my busted heart is one.

Los Angeles Clippers

Indie NBA Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers Wooden Individual Jersey

People keep encouraging team – but I’m more about the individual.  This Chris Paul prototype is perfect for any music festival.

Boston Celtics

Indie Christmas Celtics

Boston Celtics Pattern Jersey

The Celtics think they are classic?   Patterns are in and will NEVER be out.  And if they do go out – then you are an individual.  Deal with that.

Houston Rockets

Indie NBA Rockets

Houston Rockets Imagination Jersey

We need to go back to our childish ways.  This “real world” is just too real, man.  That’s what this jersey is all about.


Thanks for having me.  If you need me, I’ll be playing the washboard for my new band, Painless Steal.

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