I Want to Give This “Fan Fiction” Thing a Try



A few of our writers seem to have a lot of success in this “fan fiction” business , so I’m shamelessly going to give it a try.  They also seem to have a really fun time while doing so.  Here goes nothin’… 


The Dallas Mavericks Do What They Are Supposed To Do

by: Jason Gallagher


The Dallas Mavericks are playing a team and have built a sizable 4th quarter lead.  They play solid basketball in the fourth quarter and are able to maintain their lead. 


“This is cool.” says a fan.


“Yeah.” says another fan.


In a crazy twist of events, the Mavs decide to NOT turn the ball over every 30 seconds. 


Overall, the game is managed properly and the Dallas Mavericks get the victory.


“My favorite part was when they didn’t take a giant crap all over themselves,” said a fan.  


All of this results in me not drinking too much wine and starting Twitter fights with 10th graders.




Wow…  That WAS fun! 


*Note: Last night, the Mavs blew a 25 point lead in the 4th quarter against Memphis. * 



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