I Noticed Something Incredible About LeBron and Durant’s Game That Nobody Has Touched On Yet

LeBron Durant Chart 1

LeBron Durant Chart 1

I know we do a lot of jokes and stuff on here, but when I was doing some research for a funny piece I was working on, I actually noticed something that nobody has touched on regarding LeBron and Durant.

Take a look at the above graph.  What do you see?

How about now, when the down screen is set?

LeBron Durant Chart 11

When I took a more in depth look, this is what I found…

LeBron vs. Durant 3


Did you notice what was happening in the painted area?

Here’s some more.

Bron Durant Graph 1

And this…

Lebrong Durant 4


Lastly, the actions of the two players during the scope of a given offensive possession, which is the causation that reinforces the action of the defense.  It’s starting to REALLY make sense…

LeBron Chart 5


You see?



April Fools.  It’s all crap.  Here’s a video of Joakim Noah being hilarious and awesome.



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