I Am Patrick Beverley

patrick beverley

Everyone knows Jeremy Lin, but who’s starting, huh?
I need to do something crazy for people to notice me.
Wild. Off the chain. Extreme, maybe.
I need to show my skills.
How fast I am. How nimble I can be.
I need to show my personality.
Dwight’s the fun one. James is the hip one. Chandler is the underpaid one. Omer is the untradeable one.

But me? I’m the crazy friend! I’m the one who takes the stupid idea you’re joking about at 2 am and actually does it to the chagrin of everyone who just wants to finish up Call of Duty.

running bull

See? Look at me! I told you I’d do it! I told you.
I am who I am.
I. Am. Patrick. Beverly.

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