“How am I still open!?” – Danny Green & Blockbuster Video

Green Buster


After an amazing first 5 games of the NBA Finals, Danny Green is left a little puzzled while speaking to reporters on Sunday night.

“I don’t get it.  There is no reason I should still be open.  But I am.”  said Green.

The Blockbuster Video on the corner that’s still open for some reason, said the exact same thing when questioned by a group of teenagers throwing rocks at it’s windows.

“I feel like I should NOT be open.  How the hell does this happen?  It makes zero sense, if you ask me.” said Blockbuster.

The reasons both parties are confused are totally different.  Green has been automatic from 3 and has actually broken the NBA Finals record for most 3 pointers made.  He has a real chance to be the NBA Finals MVP… and the Miami Heat are still leaving him open!

Blockbuster Video’s reasons have a bit more of a “put me out of my misery” tone to it.  The video store hasn’t had a customer step foot through its doors since November, 2009.   Yet every day, it opens at 10am and closes at Midnight.

“I really am baffled.  Who’s in charge of shutting me down?! Because they should just do it already.  Me being open should be a crime! ”  said both Green and Blockbuster when asked how they feel about being left open still.

Both entities figure they won’t be left open anymore.  Green is turning into San Antonio’s most productive player.  He even stopped LeBron on a fast break.  That’s insane!

Blockbuster is also doing some pretty crazy things.  They are running a special on Monday called, “BUY 1 DVD and GET 35 FREE!”

“Being left open is great but at some point, it’s insulting right?  Oh well.  I guess I’ll have to take advantage and win MVP.”  said Green and Blockbuster.

“Wait.”  said Blockbuster.  “Did I say ‘win MVP?’  I meant, burn myself to the f***ing ground!”

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