VIDEO: We Need a New Playoff Song #HoopCogntion



Welcome to #HoopCognition, where we discuss important ideas (or cognitions) that would make the NBA a much better place.  It’s a lot like #HoopIdea on TrueHoop, but not really because we are tackling the harder issues. 


David Stern has a track record of some questionable decisions that will undoubtedly be discussed and examined upon his retirement.

By far, the biggest crime he’s committed thus far is somehow allowing Will. I. Am’s “That Power” to be played  in most of the 2013 playoffs commercials.  I’m not sure if David Stern is directly responsible for this, but he certainly should have put a stop to it.

I joke a lot on this site, but this is no laughing matter.  The fact that I have to hear that song 30 times a night makes me want to attempt to break bricks with my forehead.

So we wanted to make a plea with David Stern… MAKE IT STOP, SIR.

Now I am a man who doesn’t believe in complaining w/o a better solution.  We could try audio of a lawnmower running over a chalk board and that would probably be good enough but I’ve got one better.

Below is my pitch for a new NBA Promo.  Please take it into consideration  Mr. Stern.  Thank you.

NBA Playoff Commercial, Featuring: The National – “Sea of Love” 


Thank you, Mr. Stern.  We expect this to be playing no later than Tuesday evening.

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  • Reply May 29, 2013

    Stinky Pete

    Nah. You want “I Wanna Destroy You” by the Soft Boys.

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