Harold Doesn’t Care Who You Are, Dirk

Dirk and Harold

This is Harold The Security Guard. I don’t care if that’s not his real name. It should be. He looks EXACTLY like a Harold. Where is the eye patched Samuel L Jackson when you need him? Put Harold in The Avengers. He is the great defender. The Kings could use him.

Harold doesn’t care about your Finals MVP, Dirk. Why you need to go look over there anyways? What’s so special you got to look over there? The court’s the other way, dude. So just chill, man. This is Harold’s job. It’s his freaking livelihood. So relax, man. Go get in shape.

Harold has mouths to feed and he doesn’t have time for your jk’s. Harold had punched his clock and it is go time and he will defend that monitor till the death of him.

This is his life. He has no time for the sillies. Dominate worlds, Harold. Dominate all of them. Be in seven places at once. You are the Everyman and you are everywhere. All purple everything.

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