Groundbreaking: The Cleveland Cavaliers Might Target the Best Player in the League in 2024 Free Agency

Cavs 2024

Cavs 2024

Groundbreaking news coming out of Cleveland where it’s reported that…

ready for it…

The Cleveland Cavaliers might go after the best player available in the 2024.

I know it.  It’s nuts.

I came to this conclusion ever since I saw this report on Yahoo –



“Cleveland Cavaliers may target LeBron James in 2014 Free Agency.”  



Let me first say, I wish the end of that column said – “because they aren’t stupid.”  Why wouldn’t they go after LeBron?  Why wouldn’t anybody go after LeBron?  Have you seen LeBron?  If your team is below .500 and NOT going after LeBron in 2014 – then you should be losing your mind.

That’s like saying –

“Jason might rent the best movie available at Redbox.”  

“Jason’s wife is thinking about picking the best peach from the peach bucket at the grocery store.”

“Jason’s dog ponders sniffing the best piss in the yard.”

I’m not knocking on the column – I just feel if I were a Cleveland fan (you know, a rational one that isn’t stilly pissy about LeBron) my first initial thought would be, “Wait,were we ever – not planning on going after him?  Because I will burn Quicken Loans Arena to the ground… because I like to burn things.”

So that’s what made me come to the conclusion that in 2024, the Cavs will go after whoever is the most skilled basketball player available.

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