Gregg Popovich: The Resurrection of Matthew McConaughey


I don’t have much time here. I need to get back to the practice court. I’ve got Patty running suicides — he sassed me — and I told him not to stop until the music does. I put on Woody at 100. That’s 65 tracks. You know this already, but I do not play.

I should begin this by saying I was thrilled when Katniss read off the card. Thrilled. Too often the Academy takes a big dump on the proceedings by giving the Oscar to the wrong performance but this time, this time they got it right, babies.

I was really worried that they’d surprise and give it to Bale. What a shallow performance that was.

I’d have been fine with Chiwetel winning. His was a brave performance and one that carried a much better movie. He never once let you stop seeing pain in his eyes. Made me feel like shutting mine for most of the movie. I mean that in a good way.

But McConaughey’s performance was the best of the year. I’ve read a million opinion pieces with people making strong enough cases for the others nominees but for my money it got no better than the Mac’s turn as Ron Woodruff. He was broken in that film. A shell of a man.

When my girl read off that card with his name on it I sat down my Coors, stood in front of my recliner, adjusted my boxers, and applauded. What a true artist the Mac has become!

Did you guys see Mud? I’m actually asking. I want you to respond. Did you see Mud? If you haven’t then you need to. It was the best movie of the year. There hasn’t been a film I’ve ever seen that’s so perfectly captured small town southern life like that one did. All the good and all the bad of growing up with a small bubble, a small circle, was put under a microscope and mined for every emotion across the spectrum. You want to feel good? Watch that movie. You want to feel sad? Watch that movie. You want to feel childlike or worried or afraid or romantic or hopeful? Watch that movie. Watch that movie. Watch that dadgum move, babies.

And the reason it was so good, aside from Tye Sheridan’s performance, was because in McConaughey we had a believable man who brought integrity and substance to a performance that could’ve easily slipped into fairy tale land. His is an honesty that not too many are afforded.

It’s just good to see someone become fully realized in whatever field they’ve chosen. I feel like I’m watching McConaughey’s version of Tim’s 2002-2003 season. We’re lucky to be alive right now, everyone.


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