Five More NBA Twitter Bios That I Love

jamal crawford

A couple weeks ago, I decided to start looking to NBA players’ Twitter bios to try to get a peek into their heads. I had so much fun doing it that I decided to go back for more. Here are 5 more NBA Twitter bios I love.


1. Jamal Crawford

jamal crawford twitter

It’s cool, Jamal… No one is saying it does. Also, what series of traumatic cocktail party conversations have made you so defensive?? (While we’re on the topic, just food for thought, but if you want to walk the talk on this, you might think about changing your profile pic of you standing in a basketball uniform with a basketball in your hands on top of your background pic of a court bearing your name. Sorta sends the message, “basketball defines me….”)


2. Jan Vesely

jan vesely twitter

Considering he’s logged 45 minutes all season, Jan is tossing around the word “play” pretty liberally. (Also, I don’t know what to say about the fact that his background picture is a highway map of the greater DC metropolitan area.)


3. Chase Budinger

chase budinger twitter

Chase, considering how much you look like Lance from Pulp Fiction, we’re as surprised that you play basketball for a living as you seem to be.


4. Jonny Flynn

jonny flynn twitter

Jonny is correct: Everything he is not (an efficient scorer, an effective distributor, a defensive presence) has indeed made him everything he is….no longer in the NBA.


5. Taylor Griffin

taylor griffin twitter

Taylor Griffin is Blake Griffin’s older brother. He comes off the bench for the D-League’s Santa Cruz Warriors. He seems like a really nice guy. He does NOT require an official Twitter page.

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