NBA Finals Preview… from yesterday

spurs cover yeeea

I wanted to write a Finals preview but just realized I have a Groupon for Rock and Roll Aqua Laser Tag that expires today, so I will miss Game 7. Here is my Ballerball Breakdown, written before Miami/Indiana Game 7.



Spurs v Spurs Opponent

A heated rivalry and an epic battle against two similar, or two different, styles!


Experience: Spurs

Spurs have been to the finals, like, seventeen times. This is their natural habitat. At this point, just being in the Finals is a home court advantage for them. Whoever the Spurs opponent is will have less experience. Advantage: Spurs. Whew, that one was easy.


Coaching: Spurs

Gregg Popovich. Popovich is the best coach in the league and the Spurs have him. The Spurs opponent will probably not have Gregg Popovich. Advantage: Spurs. This is a cakewalk.


Athleticism: Spurs Opponent

Due to the Spurs’ age, they will probably lose the athleticism battle. Also when sports writers say “Athleticism”, they just really mean age, right? I mean, if you are in the NBA you are probably an athlete. Advantage: Spurs opponent. This is a little tricky.


Swagger: Spurs Opponent

Swagger is a word made up in 2009 to sell energy drinks. That being said, the Spurs opponent will either bring the Swagger of South Beach or Blue Collar Golden Swagger. I don’t know that means, but YOLO. Advantage: Spurs Opponent.


Finals Prediction:

It will be a close, hard fought battle, and because I have to go play Rock and Roll Aqua Laser Tag before my Groupon expires, I say Spurs in 6. While we don’t know who will play the Spurs, one thing is for certain: it will be a wild ride. Yolo.


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