Famous Gals Who Played Ball With Guys

woman cover

woman cover

Mark Cuban made headlines recently by saying he would draft Brittney Griner. Ballerball takes a look at other women who played with men and we break down their strengths and weaknesses.


Lola Bunny – Shooting Guard,  Tune Squad.


Strengths: Energy player, bunny’s are quick and agile. Tenacious. Great teammate. She played with Michael Jordan.


Weakness: Attitude. Headstrong, difficult to coach.


Conclusion: The JR Smith of the Tune Squad. You love what she brings to the table, you hate what she takes from the table. Under the right coach and environment she can win you 1 or 2 big games.


Julie Connor – Point Guard, Deering High Tornadoes


Strengths: High basketball IQ. She seems to see the play unfold before anyone else on the court. Lights out from deep. Coached by Reggie Theus and Dick Butkus, so she has been taught by an NBA caliber player and a Hall of Fame linebacker.


Weakness: Size. Would have difficulty against the Deron Williams and Russell Westbrooks of the world. Also played for the Deering Tornados for 6 seasons which is two more than the standard high school player so there could be a question about her eligibility.


Conclusion: Ty Lawson. What she lacks with size and strength she will make up with hard work, quickness, and basketball IQ. Could be an excellent back up PG on a championship team, but most likely can’t lead a team to promise land as a starting point guard.




Juwanna Mann aka Jamal Jefferies – Power Forward, Charlotte Banshees


While we are exploring women playing with men, we would be remiss if we did not address men playing with women.


Strengths: Great length and size. Brings power to the Power Forward position.


Weakness: Character. Was kicked out of the UBA for chronic behavioral issues and for stripping naked during a game. Also, seems to be okay lying about almost anything.


Conclusion: Kwame Brown. All the gifts in the world just can’t seem to put them together. Would be a risk, but under the right instances (whether or not he finds love), he could be productive.


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