Expert Reactions: Avery Johnson FIRED

deron and avery2

deron and avery2

When the big news on the Brooklyn Nets came in yesterday, we felt that we owed it to the people to gather our expert’s opinions on the matter.

Recap: Avery Johnson was fired from the Brooklyn Nets.  Deron Williams is the star of the Brooklyn Nets and is known for previously getting one of the best coaches of all time fired.

So we asked our experts – Dan Davis, Tyler Parker & Jason Gallagher – the following question.

Do you think Deron Williams had a hand in Avery Johnson’s firing?

Dan Davis:

Man, I don’t think it’s fair to say Deron is the reason Avery got fired. Have you heard Avery talk? And what has Avery ever done that warranted him getting this job in the first place? Oh sure, his Mavs went to the Finals and blew it, and that’s just so Mike Brown of him, you know? I just think Deron is above all that, you know? He doesn’t seem like the type to draw attention to himself at all. He’s just a guy playing basketball and loving what he does, you know?

Speaking of drawing attention to themselves, have you been reading this “Tyler Parker” guy’s stuff? Wade Boggs dancing? Ricky Rubio’s Christmas list? And who the hell is Jeff Foster? Does this guy even write about the NBA? And Jason Gallagher? Who is this man? His idea of a triple double is Monta Ellis reviewing all three Lord of the Rings movies after watching them back-to-back-to-back twice. Ballerball would really be so much better if those two clowns would just stick to writing about basketball and not attention grabbing, like me.

Tyler Parker:

Deron Williams just joined the NWO. No, I’m playing, I mean, look. Losing 10 out of your last 13 games, silly high expectations or not, that’s not good. Course, you’d like to think that they’d be a little more patient with Avery. They gave him such a weird roster and all, and the dude did JUST win Coach of the Month, like, yesterday. But to put this stuff on Deron…Come on. It’s not like this guy has a track record of this stuff. He doesn’t just force out coaches.

And while we’re talking about forcing people out, let’s go ahead and start one of those White House Petitions to get Jason Gallagher and Dan Davis to stop putting stuff on the Internet. If Dan or Jason happen to read this, I talked to everyone in the world and we’re all in agreement that you suck. I think it’s necessary to ask these two “writers” to take a permanent leave of absence. I don’t work well with their style, and my style is IMPORTANT. The most important, truth be told. I write fan fiction about the NBA. Nothing could possibly top that. So get out of here with your Wu-Tang influenced NBA Season Previews, and let me wag my Mutumbo finger at your Michael Buble-Lamar Odom collabos. Nobody wants them here on the Internet. Nobody. Ballerball would be eons better if it was just me. Do the right thing.
Jason Gallagher:
What is “had a hand in?” even mean?  Did I “have a hand in” leaving the lights on in our car resulting in a dead battery?  Nobody can know these things. As far as Deron Williams is concerned – did he try to make his team better by publicly suggesting a “shake-up” needs to happen?  Probably.  If you have the ability to get things done… why not?
Speaking of shake-ups, Ballerball could use one of those right about now.  It’s not that I have a problem with Tyler and Dan’s writing – the chemistry just isn’t there.  Again, I’m not suggesting it’s their writing.  I really don’t mind Tyler referencing indie songs nobody has ever heard of.  It doesn’t bother me that Dan has a crush on Taylor Swift so he incorporates her in his columns.   I’m almost positive someone out there likes their stuff .  It’s the negative presence they bring to the blog that bothers me.  Again, the chemistry just isn’t there.  My writing (the good stuff) doesn’t blend well with their writing (the bad stuff).   So do we need a shake up to get Tyler and Dan out?  I don’t know.   I’m not Nate Silver.  I don’t have the answers.  But if success is what this blog is after… a shake-up would probably do the trick.

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