EXCLUSIVE: “Trade for Pau Gasol” – A Video Made by The Lakers

Gasol 33

Ballerball found the exclusive video that the Los Angeles Lakers are passing around to other teams around the league to try and find someone to trade for Pau Gasol.

With the help of Sarah Mclachlan – they went with the sympathy route.

Let’s watch:


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    If you have anything else to do, other than humiliate Pau, please do it now.

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      U MAD

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    You can always make the ” Trade D´Antoni for godness sake!!” version, and make many people happy at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

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    Prior to Love breaking his hand again,I finally came up w/a reasonable Gasol trade.
    Gasol,Jamison,Ebanks(or Johnson-Odom),Boston Second and cash from both LA and Boston to Minn.
    Lee(Boston),Kirilenko(Minn),Roy(Minn) to Lakers.
    Pekovic(Minn) to Boston.

    Boston gets their big.
    Minn gets Gasol for players that might not b there in 2013/4.
    LA can run out Nash,Lee,Kobe,Kirilenko,Dwight-a group that can run and has much better defenders on it. Second unit of Blake/Duhon,Meeks,TBD(likely a starter),Artest,Hill.

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