Ballerball is a relatively a small operation. We don’t have as many “sources” as other number sites. Luckily I have a 10 year old cousin who is in the know. My 10 year old cousin as sent in some of his most exclusive Kevin Love rumors.


KeVin LoVE RumoRs XluSIve!!!!!

love ya

Breaking! Kevin Love is soooo excited to be a Timberwolf but also he’s excited to be a Warrior and also a Cav and Maybe a Bull! But he’s not excited to be rejected by his CRUSH!!!!


wiggins 1

Andrew Wiggins knows that you only play basketball with 1 ball but the photographer asked him to hold two for the picture. Sources say Wiggins thought “Um sure ok, I feel a little weird but sure.” WILL HE BE TRADED FOR LOVE??

 wiggins 2

Sources: Will the Warriors include Klay Thompson in a trade and why are there so many pictures of NBA players holding panda bears??


wiggins 3

NBA INSIDERZ are saying Doug McDermott would be on the table in any Kevin Love trade also it has been confirmed that Doug McDermott has a belly button!!!!


wiggins 4

Former Minnesota GM David Kahn has been criticized for not offering Love a max contract in 2012 but in his defense there was a growling wolf behind him for his entire tenure.








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