Eastern Conference Silver Linings

nba eastern conference

The parity between the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference is vast this season. It’s essentially a Varsity vs  JV league. There’s going be teams out West who don’t make the playoffs who have a much better record than an Eastern Conference team with homecourt advantage. Its been a tough year for the East but here are some positive things the East can look forward to.



Eastern Proximity

Hey Boston is playing New York? Thats flight is like an hour! Philly to DC? Just take the train. Milwaukee to Chicago? Lets rollerblade! Sure beats flying from Houston to Portland. We may have a way worse division but we save so much time not commuting! You think we’d use that time practicing!


Eastern Snow

Ok this isn’t true for Atlanta or the Florida teams but most of the Eastern Conference teams get to be in a place where it frequently snows. Sunshine and winning records are overrated. A team can really bond with a good old fashioned snowball fight or building a snowman together to learn the true meaning of Christmas!

A Winning Tradition?

Eastern Win

Celtics! Chicago! Knicks! Nets! Hawks! Magic! Wizards? Hawks? Bucks? Ok maybe not a totally winning tradition of a conference but they win the title almost half of the time! Still pretty good!

 Eastern Time Zone

Eastern Time Zone

Scientists are now mostly sure that the Sun rises in the East so Eastern Conference teams get to attack the day before their lazy Western Conference Counterparts. This is a perfect time to go over tape or post a selfie of you next to your teammates butt on Instagram. The East get daylight first so its kind of like time traveling. Also I don’t think I know how time zones work.


Hopefully the East can use what they have to finally catch up to the West. In the mean time I’ll be watching a Magic vs Bucks game in December while eating a Philly Cheesesteak! RIP Biggie.


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