Dramatics With Pau Gasol



Beth enters from stage left.  Pau enters from stage right. 

Beth: I don’t know what to say.  After everything that’s happened today, this is the last thing we should’ve done…

Pau: Today was a good day that started with eggs and orange juice.  Tonight we will be playing the Washington Wizards.  They are tough competitors but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Beth: Oh.  That’s nice.  What about our son? So you were just going to go off and leave us here?  Was that your plane?!

Pau: My plan was to exercise and eat many vegetables in preparation for the upcoming road trip that starts tonight.  I am hoping to get a victory for the fans.

Beth: Damn it!  Are you hearing yourself?  I don’t even know you anymore…

Pau: Go visit paugasol.com to find some interesting facts about me and check out the various charities I support.  You can also enter for a chance to be one of five GasolStars.

Beth: What does that even mean?  I’ve tried everything!  This has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever been a part of!

Pau: I understand.  I am a part of a team that is struggling but continues to fight.  I am thankful for my teammates and their commitment.

Beth: You’ve never had confidence in us, have you?  No… you were always scared, you coward!

Pau: I have always been afraid of the Stanley Kubrick film entitled The Shining.  Jack Nicholson is someone I admire.

Beth: And where will you go?

Pau: Off to Washington.  We will be playing the Wizards who I respect very much.  It is important to start the road trip with a victory.

Beth: Wait… What about tomorrow?  Will I see you tomorrow?!

Pau: Tomorrow, we will be playing the Indiana Pacers who have been playing very well.  It will be a tough match-up but will fight until the end.


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