Dirk Steals the Importance of 500 From Rick Carlisle

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500! – Rick Carlisle wins his 500th game

Mavs fans were ready to celebrate Rick Carlisle’s 500th win on Wednesday night as Dallas beat Portland at home.

Mark Cuban, media members, players and fans all took to twitter to congratulate Carlisle on this accolade in his coaching career.

But that was quickly overshadowed by the following news…



.500! – Dirk Is Growing A Beard Until MavsAre Above .500

Dirk Nowitzki revealed that he’s not shaving until the Mavs are above .500 wins.  It’s a win/win for fans everywhere.  They will either enjoy watching their team win games, or have the privilege of watching Dirk grow a big ol’ German beard.

Vince Carter, Dahntay Jones and O.J. Mayo have also vowed to not shave until the Mavs are above .500.

That’s going to be so awesome…

It’s great that Rick Carlisle became the 11th fastest coach to reach 500 wins.  He’s also become the 16th coach to win a ring and reach 500 wins.

But could you imagine this?!

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