Did You Know Daniel Day Lewis Can Also Dunk?



I know… is there anything this man can’t do?

After making history at the Academy Awards and rightfully receiving his 3rd Oscar for Best Actor, news has just been released that Daniel Day Lewis can also throw it down.

Apparently, right after finishing Lincoln, DDL decided to face a challenge that had always intrigued him.

“He kept saying he’s always wanted to try a slam dunk shot.” said a close friend.

DDL decided to take his “method acting” process and apply it to dunking.  He did this by immersing himself into a character who could dunk.  That was literally all he did.

Many were very critical of his methods but it all were in awe when they saw the most graceful slam dunk of our time.


Luckily, DDL sat down with Ballerball to discuss the dunk.



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