Detroit Must Pay Attention to Josh Smith’s Art

josh smith 2


Not a lot of people are moving into Detroit.  Only artists or those that get paid millions of dollars to do so.  But in the case of Josh Smith, he’s both.

Have you seen what he’s been creating lately?

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

At first glance, it looks like your uncle with bad knees and a “raving” fan of Funyuns could air ball a game winner or completely shoot over the backboard when guarded.  This seems to take no skill.

But let’s think about context–isn’t much more meaningful when a man making millions of dollars and is recognized as a professional misses those shots?

It seems…no, it must be intentional.

Think about “Untitled 1” or popularly called “HOW DO YOU SHOOT AN AIRBALL ON A POTENTIAL GAME-WINNER?  ARE YOU A $%$$^% MORON???”  Let’s look again.

It would have been great for this shot to go in.  And everyone knows that Josh is the master of shot selection.  Those are givens.  But in the deeper context, what is Josh saying with “HDYSAAOAPGW?AYA$M”?

He is warning Detroit to be careful.  That yes, there have been some positive strides in the community, that people are buying their houses for cheap, that the nation feels sorry for them, but that they’re not there yet.

The finish line is in sight, but there’s not enough resources to finish up the goal.  There’s still a lot of work to do, A lot of glad handing and come-to-Jesus meetings that must happen for Detroit to be all the way on its feet.  Hear ye, hear ye, says Josh Smith, so much more must be accomplished before we can “win.”  Josh seems to indicate that even though things are going well, for Detroit now, if shoots for the moon now, in the long run they’ll fall mercilessly short.

Don’t get your hopes up yet, Detroit, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Which brings us to:

Untitled 2 or what the masses like to call “NOW YOU’RE MISSING THE WHOLE BACKBOARD? MY 7-YEAR-OLD DOES THAT EVERYDAY BUT I TELL HIM TO TRY HARDER & GIVE HIM A POPSICLE NOT $54 MILLION DOLLARS.”  Have another look at this masterpiece.

As evidenced by “NYMTWB?M7YODTEBITHTTH&GHAPN$5MD”, we must recognize that Josh Smith is so much more than a basketball player.

He is truly redefining the space-time continuum of court dynamics and what we as fans should look for in the “art” of basketball.  What you and I see is not what Josh sees.

Instead of a goal, Josh is looking at the backboard as an obstacle.  He does not like how this “partition” is separating him from the common man.  Sure, he has millions and perhaps more talent than most, but Josh Smith doesn’t want this to be a division.  He is about unity. He is one with the people.

A true community organizer, Josh understands how many “obstacles” and “partitions” the city of Detroit still has in its way.  But don’t worry, Josh says, let’s re-interpret these obstacles.  Let’s find a new and unique way to “overcome” them.  Let’s redefine what we’ve always done so we can succeed.

Sure, to the people outside of Detroit it may look like failure, but in reality Josh is encouraging the city to utilize “out of bounds” thinking.  Josh Smith doesn’t care how history perceives Detroit or the game of basketball for that matter, he is breaking those arbitrary lines.

He is demonstrating that Detroit can do anything, that nothing is impossible.

“Who’s holding us back, Detroit?  Those lines are in your head, Detroit!”  That’s the voice of Josh Smith to the people.

But really, Detroit, do you have enough insight to follow such an exemplary messenger as Josh Smith?

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