Detlef Schrempf Went To A Kenny Chesney Concert



Detlef Schrempf went to a Kenny Chesney concert. You can read his blow by blow opinions in 140 characters or less here. When pressed for a more thorough review, this is what he provided.* 

*Detlef did not provide this.


First thing’s first: Incredible concert. CenturyLink Field was at a fever pitch for The Ches and he did not disappoint. You forget what an amazing showman Chesney is until you see him sprinting across stage HOLDING IT DOWN in some Wranglers, boots, sleeveless Tennessee Vols shirt, and a cowboy hat. Dude is magnetic.

Complete. Utter. Magnet. Goin’ Coastal, indeed.

Second thing’s second: Much respect to both openers, Eli Young Band and Eric Church. Really showed true musicianship. Eli Young Band throwing it back with “When It Rains”. Wonderful vocals by Young throughout the night, really. But, for my money, you would be hard pressed to find a more lovely song than Church’s “Springsteen”. Just completely beautiful.

That is all fluff, though. The sides, if you feel me. Chesney, that’s that entree. That realness. He is the truth. Him and tequila make me crazy and one concert by The Ches is never enough.


He opened with “Summertime”. PERFECT opener. Really set the tone for the evening. Just killed it vocally on this as well. It’s now the summertime and he wanted to let everyone know from the jump that this wasn’t just another concert…this was a party. This is the difference between country music and the other genres, save (some) rap music. They understand the value of a good time. Tunes you don’t have to think about that you can grab your girl in your arms, dance to, and shout along with the chorus while there’s a nice, cold beer in your hands.

The first hour was a mix of old and new, as they tend to be. He’d come out of “When The Sun Goes Down” and transition right into “Lindy”. From “Lindy” it was onto “Beer In Mexico”. Then it was “Pirate Flag” followed by “Out Last Night”, a personal favorite and a song that does not get enough respect in the Chesney lexicon.

“The Good Stuff” made me think of my wife. “There Goes My Life” made me think of my children. “I Go Back” made me think about my childhood. Ditto for “Don’t Blink”. It was just an attack on all my senses. He fills up my senses. Haha. Just kidding. For real, though, I was nostalgic as all get out. Admittedly, I got a little teary at the end of “There Goes My Life”. Don’t tell Gary. He was always pissed when I showed any weakness.

A special surprise was “You Save Me”. Loved that video a few years ago and, listening to it now, really made me think of my wedding day.

There was an out of nowhere closer to the encore, but I LOVED it. He played “El Cerrito Place”. Really strung it out beautifully, too. Extended the song to a full nine minutes and had the crowd swaying, cell phones lit up like square lightning bolts the whole time.

Overall, it was a great night. The Ches is one of the greatest artists of our time and to have an opportunity to see him work in person is something I will not soon forget. Shouts out to Church and Eli Young once more. Hopefully they watched The Ches so they can see where the bar is set. Another super chill shout out to my dude, Xavier McDaniel. That’s a boss of a dude to go to a concert with. The popcorn was great, X!


Enough from me, though. Listen to The Ches’ new album, Pirate Flag. It’ll change you in the ways you need to be changed.

I’ll leave you with this:

And all these pretty people up on El Cerrito Place
They all got somethin’ in their pockets, all got somethin’ on their face
They roll down to La Brea where it meets the boulevard
Singin’ hallelujah while they dance over the stars
They all say they’re goin’ far

That means one thing to me. Hopefully it means something to you.

All peace everything,



PS: I didn’t want to litter the review with negatives because I certainly got my money’s worth, but I really wish The Ches would start playing “On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful” in concert again. The only time I’ve ever heard of him doing it was for that live album he cut during a concert in the Bahamas so many years back, one I couldn’t attend because of some BULL with my passport. Still an amazing night, just wish I could’ve heard that one. If The Ches happens to read this, get back to it, dude. It kills.

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