Dennis Rodman Humbly Brings Basketball Gods


Dennis Rodman has returned to North Korea with former NBA players Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Craig Hodges, Doug Christie, and Charles D. Smith to play a game against the North Korean Senior National Team on Wednesday. Ballerball has obtained the North Korean press release publicizing their visit.

A thousand loyal voices ring out! The industrial machine of history will prove us to be the arbiters of truth and righteousness! The 7 best basketball players from the imperialist Dog Nation of the United States are touching down upon our fruitful soil. Our Merciful Leader, 8 feet tall with the strength of 40,000 oxen, is optimal being for basketball. These 7 dutiful men are truly the greatest basketball players to ever come from the heretical Nation of Pigs the United States.

Vin Baker is a symbol of purity! Doug Christie is sovereign supreme! Western imperial scum Michael Jordan disrespected Cliff Robinson with childish shrug. Maximum Cliff Robinson showed humility absolute! Kenny Anderson much esteem and glory! Faithful Dennis Rodman a great statesman of literary and military accomplishments, who is possessed of outstanding wisdom, distinguished leadership ability, matchless pluck, and noble revolutionary comradeship, is advancing the revolutionary cause and is better than his imperial scum nation the United States!

When our beloved and thin leader scores one million baskets of balls our Economic Progress will be foretold and our Fish Production will triple! These 7 basketball players embody the truth and hardworking spirit of our wise and definitely not a murderer Supreme Leader!

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