Deep Thoughts with Jeremy Lamb


Jeremy’s playing time has been upped inexplicably against the Spurs. We’ve got an exclusive look into his mind.


“Run, stand, run, get out of the way, run.”

“If I really were a deer in the headlights, would I prefer halogen or LED?”

“Don’t look at Russell’s girlfriend, don’t even fake look, don’t do it, don’t do it…oops!”

“Can you gift glasses from Warby Parker? Need to check on that…”

“Timmy can still move. What was it like to be an adult in the 90s?”

“How late is the Cheesecake Factory open, anyway?”

“If Kevin Ollie were the coach, should I invite him over to meet my Huskie?”

“‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ is overrated in case anyone is interested.”

“Would generally feel sad if my name was Boris.”

“What should my nickname be? The Grim Shearer? Steel Wool? The Veal Deal?”

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