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Clutching the Heat with Zane Rush


Zane Rush:
   Author of “Born with Clutch”, “Clutchinomics” and “What a Sham! Confessions of a Failed Marriage” 


 August 8,2014 – Here I was minding my own business at the movies, watching Guardians of the Galaxy (3 out of 10 stars – too unbelievable) when my phone alerts me of a tweet sent by Patrick Beverly.


“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I shouted.

The man behind me, with his two children seemed to be upset and told me to ‘shut up.’ Let me ask you something, when was the last time you heard me ‘shut up?’ I don’t shy away from talking about the difficult topics. That’s what I told the man just before he punched me in the stomach. It’s ok… I’m used to the persecution.

After being asked to leave the theater, I felt sick to my stomach. What was Beverley thinking?! I’ve never heard such an asinine comment in my entire life. Let me tell you something, with respect to Mr. Beverley… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VOSS.

Now I’m here to say that, I lost a lot of respect for Beverley with this comment. Is that a serious question? Fiji isn’t in the same atmosphere as Voss. Is Beverley confused or something here? Fiji always comes up way short. When your hydration is on the line, what do we see Fiji do time and time again? Defer the thirst quenching to some other product. At a certain point, I just get sick of it. No, I mean it… I’m physically ill.

Sure, Fiji is a drink but it’s not a PREMIUM drink. Once it shows up when it matters most, maybe I’ll consider calling it a PREMIUM drink, but until then… it’s only a drink to me. I’m sorry, that’s just how I feel and how I feel is #FACT.

Voss on the other hand, that’s a PREMIUM drink. Voss is NOT. A. FRAID. OF. THE. MO. MENT. And when we think ‘legacy’ and ‘big picture stuff’… I gotta tell ya, we’re going to be looking at Voss as one of the top beverages of all time.

To the man who punched me in the theater, I feel bad for those children of yours who will always remember their father acting so foolish.

Clearly he’s a Fiji man.


-Zane Rush

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