Dear Car Insurance

Kobe Double

With Kobe retiring from the NBA, his car insurance double must also need to retire. These are the words of Mobe Bryant, CPA.


When we first met, I was just a kid with a fresh CPA from Wharton.

Some of you took me in. Some of you, especially Pam, did not.

But all of you helped me become the claims adjustor I am today.

Except Pam.

You gave me confidence, the occasional Christmas bonus, an ergonomic swivel chair.

You witnessed me polish off like four slices of cake, just now.

Your rejection (of claims) taught me courage.

Whether our customers viewed me as a hero or a villain,

Please know I often worked pretty hard for them

When I was not hungover or sleepy, and when

They were not too annoying.

Every minute of every day that I worked in this insurance firm,

Was fine.

I mean I wanted to be an astronaut

But almost nobody is an astronaut.

My love for this team, for each of you will never fade

Except Pam.

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