David Stern’s Bucket List



David Stern is retiring soon and Ballerball has obtained exclusive rights to his post retirement Bucket List.


David Stern’s Bucket List

1. Go on Shark Tank. 

2. Get Metta World Peace in a room and say “Dude?”

3. Tell everyone what really went down during the Jordan baseball years

4. Finally beat Barkley in “Words with Friends”

5. Pay back Tim Donaghy the money I owe him.

6. See “The Bucket List”

7. Dump all of the Unused Microfiber Balls from 2006 in the Ocean (Set them free)

8. Finish “Lost”

9. Write a murder mystery called “The Malice at the Palace” which is a passionate story set in 19th century Austria.

10. Wear baggy pants, Mitchell & Ness Jersey, and Chain that says “DS” when I give my Hall of Fame speech.

11. Talk to my young brother, Daniel, for the first time in 30 years.

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