Daryl Morey Learns From His Mistakes, Signs Otis Thorpe

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After a humbling offseason in which Daryl Morey whiffed on several key free agents and let go of one of his best players on an insanely affordable contract, Morey and the Houston Rockets have offered a contract to veteran forward Otis Thorpe.

“You may not be as smart as me, but some of you have noticed a pattern around here,” Morey opined. “I like to find future stars and then let them go before they actually become stars, but then sometimes maybe bring them back, guys like Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, Jeremy Lin and now Trevor Ariza. Similar to that, it’s bothered this organization since I got here that we let OT get away. Now that’s rectified.”

Otis Thorpe played for the Houston Rockets from 1988 through 1995, meaning that he’s old enough to be one of his teammates’ father. But after that initial Rockets stint, he went to Detroit, Sacramento, even Miami and probably somewhere else.

Morey says that OT (or Otie to his friends) will provide veteran leadership and fill the gap at power forward. And it doesn’t hurt that he played for the Rockets before, which might be the key selling point to Morey.

“Things are the same, but different,” says Thorpe. “The arena is still in Houston, even though it’s in a different place. Teammates still talk to one another, even though they don’t use their mouths, just phones. People still play basketball, even though we have to take AP Statistics at the local high school during the summer to play. Other than that, it’s all the same.”

When in Houston, Thorpe averaged over 15 points a game and close to 10 rebounds. No one expects Thorpe to put up those type of numbers again, unless maybe you’re Daryl Morey.

“It just depends on the sets and spacing,” Morey said. “It just depends on the numbers. If everything just breaks perfectly, like if someone breaks a leg while running down the court, then you don’t know what Otie can do. It’s all up to him, really. We’re just glad to have him back.”

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