Dan Gilbert’s Suggestions for a New Coach


On Monday, the Cleveland Cavs let go of Head Coach Mike Brown, just four years after firing him a first time. This morning, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert sent newly appointed GM David Griffith the following note launching the new coaching search process.



First of all, congratulations again! As I told you when we spoke yesterday, I have been nothing other than impressed with you from the moment you joined the Cavaliers organization: I am more certain every hour that you are the right man to lead our front office, repair our roster, and usher the team back to the playoffs.

Now comes the fun part…Getting to work!

The first order of business, naturally, is finding ourselves a Head Coach. Before we draft, trade, or enter the free agent market, we need a strong basketball vision we can mold our personnel around. As you now hold the reins, I will be deferring to your judgment throughout our search and hiring process. This is your decision. That being said, I want the coach to come from the following list of options. But again, I totally defer to your judgment. But, ya know…hire one of these guys. You get it.

1. Byron Scott – There are a ton of positives about Byron. For one, he’s got a great resume, including taking the Nets to the Finals in both his second and third years, & later winning the 2007-2008 NBA Coach of the Year award while in New Orleans. Additionally, during those stints, he worked with two of the best point guards in NBA history, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul, and, of course, played alongside Magic Johnson. This experience could prove valuable when it comes to mentoring Kyrie!

2. Paul Silas – If the NBA has shown anything, it’s that the league functions in cycles: what’s once was old will always be new again. This is why I can’t shake the idea that Paul might be right to man our bench. With a talented young roster, having an “old school” voice commanding the huddle might be just what the doctor ordered. Plus, call me crazy, but I think Paul’s commitment to a tough, blue-collared approach might make him a favorite among football-crazed Cleveland sports fans. There’s no way to know how Cleveland fans would take to Paul Silas, obviously, but I’ve just got a hunch!

3. Mike Fratello – One of the best minds in our game: a guy who brought the absolute beast out of Dominque in the 80s, and turned a hodgepodge bunch of Grizzles into a playoff team in the mid-2000s. After a year of stagnant O and leaky D, we’d be well-served to have him scheming on our sidelines. Plus, having coached the Ukrainian National Team, the guy knows how to handle a divided locker room! Boom! Ripped from the headlines, David!

4. Lenny Wilkens – I know what you’re thinking…the guy is 76, how the heck are we gonna lure him out of retirement? Well, I agree it might be a tough sell, but if a Hall of Fame point guard and NBA icon can’t set the tone for Kyrie for what it means to bring his A-game every night, then who could?… Maybe Mike Brown? Is Mike Brown available? If Mike Brown is available, please add him to this list. I’ve always had my eye on that guy!
Again, David, the choice is entirely yours. But, we need some fresh thinking around this building, so pick someone from this list. You’re gonna do great, and I think you’ll find it refreshing working with a hands-off owner such as myself!
Dan Gilbert

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