Comment Section Analysis: Is LeBron “Clutch?”

bron clutch

The comment section on is a sacred place where only the brightest of minds gather to discuss the inner workings of athletic competition.

Ballerball decided that it would visit this well-respected forum to seek out new writers for a series called “Comment Section Analysis.”  The results were everything we could have hoped for.

Our first writer is “clutchdoctor24.”  Below is his analysis of the final play of Game 1 in the Eastern Conference Finals.  

Real Fake Comment

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  • Reply May 23, 2013


    Ah Yo! I got on BALLERBALL! Now that is clutch with hole heap of meat and potatos!!!! AND MELTED CHEESE! (YESIR)

    Next time you read from me you i’ll be raining on ESPN with a stick’0’cream chowder!

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