Champion Bill Russell Finally (Almost) Acknowledges The Greatness of DeAndre Jordan

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Boston resident and champion Bill Russell decided to finally watch some of the LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors first round matchup on Friday night since his beloved Celtics weren’t in the playoffs this year.

“Actually I live in Framingham, but really it’s all the same, right?” Bill Russell said.

Bill Russell asked his friend Phil over to watch the game in his living room, which was adorned with his championship memorabilia.

“Right there is my first place trophy in the Framingham Open,” Bill Russell said. He pointed at a 3-foot trophy with a golden replica of a bass flopping at the top. “Got three of those, count’em!”

“You really have to fight to that top in that one. Back then, we didn’t have fancy GPS or depth finders. We were real fishermen. It was no cake walk,” Bill Russell said, “But we do go out afterwards to Friendly’s for ice cream!”

Near tipoff, Bill finally settled into his La-Z-Boy chair which he says came with a card from his four kids that said, “To The Best Dad in The World.”

Bill Russell added that he gave up fishing a few years ago.
“Needed to spend more time with my family. You can’t play the game forever.”

Russell was very interested in the attitude and play of Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.
“They’ve been comparing me to him all year,” Bill Russell said, “but he’s not quite a champion. Has he won anything like this?”

Bill Russell didn’t glance back up at his fishing trophy. Instead, Bil Russelll held up an orange and white plastic mug with a straw. On the side of the mug were the words “Dunkin Donuts.”

“They don’t give these out to just anybody,” Bill Russell clarified. “You have to work for it.” He then took a huge sip of coffee, before spitting a little of it back up.

During the game, Bill and his pal Phil went back and forth about playing in the old days, most of which concerned great Texas Hold’Em battles or a time or two that their boat had leaks in it during the early days of the Framingham Open.

“We finally righted the ship!” Bill Russell explained before doubling over with laughter that soon turned to coughing. “You won’t believe this, but one time I actually had to be the coach and a fisherman! In the same tournament!”

Bill Russell’s friend Phil nodded his head at this proclamation, with his mouth agape in awe.

Towards the end of the Clippers/ Warriors game, the Clips made a ferocious comeback, punctuated by several De’Andre Jordan lob dunks. Unfortunately, Bill Russell and Phil had both fallen asleep by this time, snuggling soundly into their La-Z-Boys.

The Clippers won the first round, but they still aren’t champions like Bill Russell.

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