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Celtic Nation,


Wow! I can’t believe we have to say goodbye. I always thought I would retire a Celtic, but as Head Coach Rick Pitino told me my rookie year, “Be careful what you do in Italian restaurants. Also, basketball is a business.” He was right. Doc was ready to split, Danny was ready to rebuild, and, just like that, KG, JET and I are off to join J-Kidd, Deron, Joe Johnson., that goofy center, and the rest of the Russian Mob in BKLYN (for real, what’s up with that center’s hair?!? It is funny looking and terrible!! LOL ROFL!!).

It’s hard to say goodbye to you, Boston. There’s so much I love about this city: The food, the culture, the history…Even your weird provincial racism became kinda amusing as the years went by.

Looking back, so many memories race to mind. There were good times (like when Ray Allen joined us and we won the 2008 NBA title) and bad times (like when Allan Ray played 1,000 minutes for us in 2006 and we were the worst team in the Eastern Conference). There were hard times (like when Wally Szczerbiak tried to make up secret handshakes for all his teammates), weird times (like when Rajon first showed Kevin his jumper), and, above all, funny times (like when Antoine Walker would eat a whole cheeseburger during a 30 second timeout and then fart while missing a three).

I laughed, I cried, I faked injuries. Through it all, I bled green.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Well, except my right elbow jumper. I’m gonna be poppin’ that sick nastiness till I drop. Anyways, it’s been real Titletown.


Until we meet again,



p.s. Word to the wise, never lend Antoine money!! 

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