Bye Bobcats


The Bobcats era of Charlotte basketball will always be defined, for me, by their inability to do most anything consistently right. That, and or whatever that thing is called. From the front office to the players on the court, this era was a pretty consistent showing of incompetence.

Around 2006 I found myself really wanting to be a Bobcats fan. They’d just drafted The World’s Biggest Rage Against The Machine Fan Named Adam Morrison and I’d grown to really love me some collegiate level Morrison. His last year in Spokane I’d received both a Gonzaga hoodie and a pair of Gonzaga athletic shorts for Christmas and I wore them both with great regularity. When Morrison collapsed to the ground after UCLA pulled off one of the more improbable comebacks in NCAA history, I did a sort of collapse in my living room. I’d thought I was going to get to see more of this guy before he went on to the league. No more, though. He sat there, face in his undershirt, tears staining his Dri-Fit and his tube socks.

When he went to the Bobcats I assumed that this would be the start of some Larry Bird 2.0 type stuff like the some others did. I figured it was time for the world to embrace the new mustache that would inhabit posters and walls around the country. That didn’t happen, though. He got injured and never really found his footing. They wound up getting rid of him after a bad rookie year and an ACL tear in the pre-season his second year in the league.

I’ve always felt that sort of encapsulated the Bobcats entire NBA existence. They do all they can to give the appearance of becoming interesting, then something happens and they’re back in the cellar, rubbing elbows with all of MJ’s acid wash jeans and tan, corduroy double-breasted sport coats. And now here come the Hornets once more, riding on the backs of the spirits of Mugsy, LJ, and Zo. Kendall Gill is in there, too. It’s that 90’s bygone era of cool rearing its faded head again, about to get real nostalgic on all y’all.

I’m pumped about the change. I’ve written about it previously. It’s exciting to see a team attempt to get their mojo back. I just hope we get to see those turquoise unis out and about once more. Give me reversible Starter jackets. Give me Beanie Babies. Give me Family Matters. Give me Al Jefferson doing his own version of Grandmamma.

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