Brotherly Love

Kobe and Pau

Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant.

That’s a tricky duo to figure out, right there.  I don’t know a ton about their relationship from a personal standpoint but from what I see on the court, I would never come to the conclusion that they had anything resembling brotherly love.

What do you say Kobe?

“I love Pau like a brother,” Bryant told


Well let’s try to find some movie brothers that might accurately display the brotherly love that Kobe Bryant is using to describe his relationship with Pau.

(Reminder: These are from FEATURE FILMS )

Michael and Fredo Corleon

Here are two brothers that couldn’t have less in common with one another.   Micheal is the head of the family.  He is also the personification of power.  Fredo, on the other hand, is clearly the dumbest member of his family and is the personification of weakness.

Eventually Michael makes the choice to have Fredo killed.  (Spoiler Alert!)

I was supposed to put that before the spoiler, wasn’t I?

Anyway, there are a lot of specific reasons for why Michael has Fredo offed.  The bottom line is, Fredo is the weakest link and Michael can’t afford to have him around anymore.

Relating to Kobe and Pau:

Kobe is the king of LA and his Laker family.  This is clear.  He has all the power in the world.  His death eyes to Mike Brown was probably 80% of the reason Brown got fired.

Pau is not dumb but he can certainly be perceived as “weak.”  Kobe doesn’t have time for weak in his hunt for NBA domination.  Kobe would gladly get rid of Pau to get his 6th ring and keep his status as the head of Lakerland.

Hector and Paris

Physically these brothers are night and day.  Hector is a very muscular warrior manly-man and Paris is a guy who… if you are standing far away, you might mistake for a pretty girl.

Paris has this habit of  messing things up.  Not only does he get himself into trouble, he drags his brother and his country down with him.

One day, after stealing the wife of Menelaus, Paris challenges him to a sword fight.  Of coarse Paris gets embarrassed to the point that Hector couldn’t take it anymore.  Hector gets involved, saves his brother’s life, and kills Menelaus.  Good brother, to say the least.

Fast forward just a smidge and we find ourselves in a similar situation.  Only this time Hector is fighting a very angry Achilles.

Meanwhile, Paris sits and watches.

It doesn’t take long before it becomes pretty clear that Hector is going to lose.

Meanwhile, Paris sits and watches.

So eventually Achilles stabs Hector in the heart, ties his legs to his carriage and drags him around for everyone to see.

Meanwhile, Paris sits and watches.

Relating to Kobe and Pau

The battles are the things that are the real parallel between the relationships.  Kobe tried to fight his own battle when Shaq left and failed miserably.  Just like Hector, Pau comes in to help Kobe fight and win his battles.  He can’t help it… they are brothers.

Now Pau is getting attacked from all angles.  First people say he’s soft.  Then they say his offense won’t work in the D’Antoni system.  Finally, the trade rumors begin.  He sure could use the help of his brother right now.

Meanwhile, Kobe sits and watches.

Scar and Mufasa (Lions)

Mufasa and Scar are two lion brothers who both rule their portion of the Pridelands.

Mufasa is the older brother and the legitimate king.  He has a beautiful family including a son named Simba, who will one day be heir to the throne.

Scar is the younger brother and is the unofficial king of the outskirts of the pridelands.  He has no family, and despite ruling over Nazi hyaenas, is not content with his unofficial title.

Eventually Scar plots to kill Simba and Mufasa out of pure jealousy.  He fails with killing Simba but succeeds in killing Mufasa by throwing him off of a cliff.

Relating to Kobe and Pau

Let’s get one thing straight.  Kobe does not envy Pau in any way.

We all know Kobe is out to be the best basketball player of all time.  Let’s face it though, Kobe can’t win without a sidekick… a really really good sidekick.

Kobe’s first 3 rings are always going to belong to Kobe and Shaq.

And the next two rings?  Well those belong to Kobe and Pau, according to most.  Some would argue (ME!) that Pau was more deserving of MVP  than Kobe the last time they won a championship.   So while Pau was a blessing to Kobe, ultimately he becomes the very thing that keeps Kobe from being the best ever.

Unless… Kobe gets rid of him and wins it on his own (by “on his own” we mean with D-12 and Nash) to finally become the one true king.

This is the last interaction Scar and Mufasa had before Scar threw him off a cliff:

Mufasa: AH!  Scar!  Brother, help me!

Scar: Long live the king.

(Cliff Toss)

Who else can see that exact exchange play-out between Kobe and Pau?

Also – The Pridelands is a pretty good nickname for LA.

So if Kobe and Pau are like any of the brothers mentioned above, then I totally agree that Kobe views Pau as a brother.  It actually makes a lot of sense.

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